Richter and I traveled from London to Paris today on the Eurostar. I snapped this breathtaking picture inside the chunnel. Tonight we’re going to the Moulin Rouge for a little entertainment. I don’t know much about the Moulin Rouge, but when you Google it, the word “naked” comes up a lot. Should be an interesting evening.

Jeffrey and I walked to the Eiffel Tower this afternoon but got there too late to go the top. We’ll probably try again tomorrow. Last time I was here, the Eiffel Tower had a big “2000“ on it for the year 2000. Now it’s decked out with graphics advertising Paris’s bid for the 2012 Olympics. In other words, it has become the world’s largest billboard.

I had a near disaster today. I got out of the cab at Waterloo train station in London and walked into the station with Jeffrey. Then I realized I had left my laptop (and passport) in the cab. I ran outside and chased the cab down the street waving and yelling. The driver didn’t see me and my spirits dropped as he disappeared into a tunnel. I looked and saw an empty cab, and I jumped in and yelled “catch that cab!” We chased him through the twisting streets of London for several miles and finally caught up. I got my laptop and returned to the train station, where Jeffrey was waiting with a worried look on his face. The London cabbie didn’t want to take any money, even though the meter had rung up 15 pounds. I insisted he let me pay him and gave him my last 20-pound note. So the episode cost me $40, but it could have been a lot worse. I NEVER want to do that again!!! Still can’t get over that cabbie not wanting to take any money. Imagine that in New York. The cabbie would probably charge you double.