Project Overview

For over a decade, Wintellect has been the #1 training vendor for Microsoft’s internal developers worldwide. With the highest course evaluation scores of any vendor, the greatest number of developers trained, and the broadest reach, Wintellect has been a core part of Microsoft’s internal training strategy since our founding in 2000.

Why Wintellect?

Wintellect was a well-known force in the developer community when Microsoft approached us about new training needs within its developer division. Microsoft wanted to greatly expand a program to promote high end training for their developers, and needed a partner that was expert at creating deep technical content on advanced topics, developing instructional material, and training on technical content at the highest level. Wintellect met this criteria across the board.

With strong ties to the Microsoft product teams, Microsoft hired Wintellect as the primary vendor to provide hard core developer training worldwide. Managed through the Engineering Excellence Group (EEG), Wintellect began an ongoing program in 2000 to train Microsoft developers at campuses around the globe. With a schedule of classes put together each quarter, and training provided in the U.S., India, China, and many other countries, this program continued for over 14 years.

Beginning in 2013, at Microsoft’s request, Wintellect also added an on-demand, subscription-based training option to the program, called WintellectNOW. WintellectNOW was launched with the goal of providing the highest quality developer training content available at a better value than any other vendor, and delivers real-world, ready-to-use knowledge, tools and techniques to individuals and businesses to help them expertly develop software, programs, apps and more.


Wintellect delivered on our reputation for quality by continuously generating the highest evaluation results in Microsoft history, as measured by Microsoft developers attending the training. Results from a 2014 survey of training participants, detailed below, reflect the exceptional training Wintellect consistently provides.

“We recently completed the analysis of our end user survey. The response rate was higher than our norm. This is partially a reflection of how excited people are about the program. We have some of our standard survey questions that feed what we call effectiveness. This was rated at 97% out of 100%! We have some standard survey questions that feed what we call net promoter, meaning that they would recommend it to a friend and that was also rated at 97% out of 100!”