I would like to thank the organizers and attendees of the recent 16th (wow!) Boston Code Camp where I did a talk on Developing Cloud-Enabled Windows Phone Applications with Windows Azure – and special thanks to everyone who stuck it out once the snow started falling in order to catch my talk.  Obviously, it took longer than expected to get this content posted – Nashua got hit especially hard by the storm, including a 75% city-wide power outage the day following the Code Camp event, along with accompanying telecom and even cellular outages.  I am happy to say that I finally got my power turned back on mid-week, and am slowly but surely digging out of the mountain of backlog that piled up during the multi-day outage.

The content can be found here.  Because I demoed ACS, some of the items that are placed in the project would normally reference my “real” Azure account…they have been removed and replaced with the phrase “YOUR CONTENT HERE.”  You will need to replace these values with your own from the Azure ACS management portal in order to be able to run the provided code.  Also, in order to use the Azure Emulator, be sure to run Visual Studio in Admin mode when working with this project.