First, the bad news: A while ago, Microsoft Press and I bantered around the idea of producing a version of my “CLR via C#” book targeted towards C++/CLI users. The book was going to be titled “CLR via C++/CLI” (catchy title, eh?). As I am not a C++/CLI expert,we thought we’d find another author for me to work with to produce the book. Unfortunatel, we were unable to find an author and this book project is officially dead.

Now, the good news: My last Win32 book came out around 2000. Several years ago, Microsoft Press declared the book out-of-print which made it near impossible for anyone to fnd. Well, I am revising the book wih a co-author. The book will be updated for Windows Vista/Server 2008 and the book should be out by the end of 2007. The tentative title is “Windows via C++, 5th Edition”