For the past decade Wintellect has been helping developers like you improve what you do by sharing how we do it with our enterprise customers. We’re not just trainers, but hands on consultants who have spent combined centuries of experience in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with teams to create next generation software using the best tools and frameworks available. We’ve taken this experience and captured it in a set of online videos that …

» Teach you thread fundamentals

» Give you C# basics

» Walk you through the latest client UI technologies like AngularJS and Ember

» Help you master I/O bound asynchronous operations

» Build solid XAML fundamentals

» Master Entity Framework

» Check your DBA with awesome SQL skills

» Kickstart your knowledge of Windows Azure

» Take you inside the CLR with an in-depth look at garbage collection

» Demonstrate applied design patterns

» Help you think in HTTP

» and much, much more

All of this information, spread out over weeks of content in hundreds of videos, is available online for you to view on-demand, when and where you want.

Don’t take my word for it, check out our extensive Course Library and watch the free videos (sorted to the top by default) to see exactly what I mean. Want to check out the paid content? No problem. With this special promo code you can sign up to receive two weeks free.

However, that’s not even the best part. Through March 21st 2014 we’re running a limited special. Sign up for the annual subscription, which entitles you to a full year of unlimited viewing, and you will be entered to win an XBox One. It’s that simple! Do you have a dollar bill or four quarters in your pocket or wallet? You’ll spend less than that a day to watch these videos. Think about that for a second: enough content to watch every day for a year while spending less than what it costs to hire a consultant for a day. I know you’ll gain an edge and walk away from these courses with tips, tricks, and techniques you didn’t know when you pressed “play.”

Check it out with this link to register, pick the full year, and start accessing your premium content. Be sure to convert to a paid subscription on or before March 21st and you’ll be entered to win an XBox One. While you’re there, spend some time with my Mastering AngularJS course. I look forward to “seeing” you there!