Show off your skills and prove to us all what Genius code really looks like!

I was recently at the movie theater when I saw a trailer for the upcoming cyber-thriller “Blackhat“.  In the trailer Chris Hemsworth plays an all too handsome hacker (aren’t we all) who is described by some vague and mysterious authority figure as “a genius coder”.  Other movies have called their leading hackers “gifted” or “talented”.  That got me wondering, “What would the code of a genius coder look like?”  A clever new algorithm?  The ability to turn 8-bit graphics into a multi-million dollar franchise?  Or perhaps like Hugh Jackman in the movie Swordfish it’s just the ability to code under even the most unusual of deadline?

I’ve seen quite a bit of code in my 20+ year career, some of it good but sadly much more if it bad.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any that I would call genius.  But maybe that’s just me; maybe I’ve been playing in the minor leagues all these years.  So here’s a challenge for our readers.  Tell us about an example of what makes you a “genius” coder, or at least a particularly gifted one.  Hit the comment links below and let your uber-geek flag fly.