As I have been screaming from the roof tops, the best Vista x64 machines are Apple’s Mac Pros. They are rock solid, quiet, and beautiful. Apple just announced the latest Mac Pros with up to 8 CPUs. They also snuck in complete support for Vista x64! According to the fine folks at Mac Rumors, the drivers are part of Boot Camp for the late 2007 onwards machines! Reports on the Mac Rumors forums are that the x64 drivers are on the restore CD. While nearly everything works out of the Vista x64 install, having full support from Apple for things like Bluetooth devices is fantastic. Now if I can only convince my wife that my existing Mac Pro needs to move to the server room, I can get a new one and have all the x64 goodness fully supported by Apple. If you’ve lusted after a rock solid machine that runs Vista like a dream, you no longer have any excuses!