Once again, CodeStock was awesome and the CodeStock crew took care of everything and made it look easy!  All of the attendees that I had chance to speak with had nothing but good things to say.  Big thank you to the CodeStock sponsors, volunteers, organizers, speakers, and attendees!  

I gave two presentations this year:  Intro to MEF for Silverlight and Intro to Jounce MVVM Framework for Silverlight.  Thanks to the folks that made it out to the talks and especially those of you that stuck with me for both of them. 

Here are the links to the slides and code: 

Intro to MEF for Silverlight

Intro to Jounce MVVM Framework for Silverlight

(Note that these are zip files with 7z files embedded so you will need to unzip and then “un-7z”.  The files were huge as straight zips and the server wouldn’t let them through as 7z files.  7-Zip is free and will work on both zip/7z files).