As part of the Angular-MVC-Cookbook project, I needed a starting point for a web application. In the Basic Project path, there is a pre-configured ASP.NET MVC application that includes a number of components. It’s a very basic project. I’ve removed the universal providers, additional javascript libraries (like jQuery UI, Knockout, etc.), and turned off forms authentication in order to start from a simple foundation on which I can build.


  • I built a solution in Visual Studio 2012 using the “Basic” ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application template.
  • I added an initial set of files from the Initialzr site that includes HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap (a responsive layout).
  • For fun, I added the Font Awesome collection.
  • I organized the various javascript libraries and resources a little bit differently than the NuGet packages do (which is why I’m not using the NuGet packages for this basic project — I admit that this might bite me in the future, but I can live with it for now).

Ok, so I’ve got my building blocks, now let’s do something interesting with them …