If you’ve ever talked to me or read this blog, you know I’m a passionate OneNote user. If it weren’t for OneNote, I would be a random mess. One of the new features in OneNote 2010 is Linked Notes, which let you link the notes you are taking in OneNote to the program you’re working with. Out of the box, Linked Notes supports IE, Word, and PowerPoint. In the screen shot below, I opened Word and PowerPoint and as I switched from each, I wrote a note about the current location. The links don’t show unless you are working on that note. To see the page or text you’ve linked to, move the mouse over the link, as I’ve done below.

Linked Notes are very interesting especially if you are working between several of the supported applications at the same time.

All that’s missing is the hooks into the other browsers, FireFox and Google Chrome, as well as other applications you might use. Fortunately, Mao Chen has done anyone who wants to add Linked Note capability to their applications a huge favor. Mao developed the FireFox and Chrome add-ins that bring Linked Notes to those two browsers. He’s also documented how to implement your own Linked Note code and has released the source to the add-ins he’s written.

Now I just need to do the Linked Note VSIX for Visual Studio!