John Robbins and I were chatting the other day and agreed that it’s not just spammers and virus writers that are threatening to render e-mail unusable these days: it’s also the network admins who configure mail servers to send bounce-back messages informing senders that their e-mail was rejected. Don’t these folks know that viruses and spammers use bogus From headers in their e-mails? One of my fellow writers at MSDN Magazine recently changed the e-mail address he had used for years because some spammer hijacked it and my pal suddenly got deluged with bounce-back messages.

I refuse to give in and change my e-mail address. It’s a matter of principle. Virus filtering on our company’s mail server and Outlook 2003’s excellent built-in spam filter (the best on the planet, IMHO) have restored some sanity to my e-mail, but I still wade through way too much junk every day. To top if off, John Robbins has tried those enlargment pills three times. They don’t work!

Speaking of John, where is he? Rumor has it that he’s at the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Could that be John tearing over the fence in the picture?