DevWeek was a smashing success, and I’m unwinding after a great week of doing talks and mingling with the speakers and delegates. Justin Smith and I stayed over in London for the weekend to attend today’s Arsenal vs. Reading game. It was my first European soccer (oops! football) game ever and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Arsenal won 2-1, and staved off a furious comeback by Reading at the end to preserve the win.

You gotta love the Brits. They’re already taxed to death, and now the government wants to install a government odometer in every car and tax the people for every mile they drive. Next up is a plan to install an air mask on every citizen so they can tax them for the air they breathe. 🙂

I delivered my first WPF/E talk this week. It went pretty well, but I’d grade myself about a 5 out of 10. I didn’t tell the story very well, so I spent a good deal of time yesterday and today rewriting the talk to make it more cohesive. I get to deliver it again in a couple of weeks, and I expect it to be much improved. I’ve written more samples, and have more planned before the next delivery.

I had Friday off, so I spent a little time sightseeing. I was walking around the Parliament building taking pictures and came across a public entrance. There was no line, so I went in. It just so happened that the House of Commons was in session, so I sat in the gallery for 30 minutes watching MPs (Members of Parliament) deliver speeches and get shouted down by their colleagues. Very educational. Entertaining, too.

Tomorrow I’m up bright and early to head home. 6:30 wake-up call, 7:00 taxi to Victoria Station, 35-minute ride to the airport on the Gatwick Express, and a 9-hour flight to Cincinnati. Then finally on to Knoxville. I love London, but there’s no place like home.