Microsoft Surface may be the tablet that can replace your laptop, but it’s still a tablet.  As a result, there are some new buttons and interactions to work with to provide you with quick access to features of Windows 8.1+.  Here are three tips that you can use with your Surface that you might not have known about before.

  1. Take a Screenshot
    Sure, you can use the Fn+Windows+Space shortcut to take a screenshot, but what if you don’t have a keyboard.  For Microsoft Surface you have two more ways to take a screenshot without using the keyboard.  The first is to touch and hold the Home button (Windows Logo) and press the Volume Down button.  Or if you have your Surface Pen available you can double-click the pen button and then you can drag a rectangle to crop the image before it’s pasted into OneNote.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Del Without a Keyboard
    ctrl-alt-delete-screen-on-windows-8This tip also provides an option for you to interact with your tablet without a keyboard.  To simulate pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, just touch and hold the Home button and press the power button.  This will bring up the Windows screen for locking your tablet, switching users, sign out, or access the task manager.
  3. Enable Function Keys on a Type Cover
    By default, the function keys on your Type Cover work as hot keys.  You can change this though by pressing Fn+Caps to enable them to work as standard function keys in your apps.

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